Welcome to worship.

As most of you know, next weekend is Fall Friends Day. This is a time to invite your friends and neighbors to be your guest at one of the Lighthouse services. I’m beginning my series on the 10 Commandments this weekend with an introduction. But next weekend—Fall Friend’s Day—my message will be entitled, “Taking God Seriously”, and will be aimed at the first three commandments. This message is designed to help your guests think, but will not include a hard-sell, in-your-face closing.

I’m asking those of you who bring a friend to church to also be their host. If they have children, make sure they get where they need to go. Introduce them to others. Take them to the coffee shop after service for their favorite coffee drink, and we’ll be sure to have some delicious goodies there for you! Finally, if your guests are open, engage them in conversation about what they heard and experienced at Lighthouse.

As a church family—whether we invited someone or not—let’s remember to be welcoming to guests, Let’s serve in whatever way we can, whether it’s helping guide a family with children to the proper place or simply smiling at someone you don’t know. Bottom line: Let’s be open, kind and gracious to the people God brings,

Blessings! Pastor Art

PS: Our Leadership Team is aware that our new building is not quite finished, We need to sound-proof all the rooms for the facility to be fully usable. We’re seeking a lead volunteer right now who will oversee a team of volunteers to construct all the sound-proofing panels needed for each room and then install it. Our prayer is that we can do this over the next quarter. We’ll let you know how to be involved with this project in the weeks to come.