Welcome to Worship!
On this Father’s Day weekend, it’s good to remember that the Scriptures present a positive view of fathers. In talking about his affection for Timothy, Paul said that it was “like a son with a father.” He used the same image speaking to the Thessalonian church when he said that he had been to them “like a father with his children.” God Himself is said to be our Father, the one who loves us and never leaves us. Fathers are given an important task in Ephesians when they are instructed to bring their children up to know and love God.

Many modern studies confirm that fathers have a vital role to play in child development. Their nurturing warmth is associated with healthy outcomes in all kinds of ways. I made plenty of mistakes as a father, but the thing I made sure of was that my children knew that I loved them. I gave them positive affection, focused attention and words of acceptance and love. Each of them went out into the world knowing who they were in Christ, and with a self-assurance in knowing that they were loved.

Father's Day is a great opportunity to appreciate the love and effort of our Lighthouse fathers. My hope is that in our homes this weekend, fathers are recognized and thanked for all the effort put into being good dads who care about their families.

And as your pastor, I say to all dads here today, “Thank you for what you do to love your family!”
PS On behalf of all Lighthouse fathers, we are giving $500 to The Gideons International this year. This ministry distributes Bibles in many different settings in America and around the world. Fathers resonate with this mission since they are responsible for their children’s spiritual development!

Blessings, Pastor Art