India & Grace Ashram Home

In the northeastern corner of India, at the border of Bhutan, is the small town of Jaigaon. In this small town, you will find the Grace Ashram Home, a place orphans claim as home. These small graceashram kidschildren are either semi-orphaned (abandoned by one or both parents) or full orphans (both parents are deceased). The directors of this home, the Mathews family, have opened up their home to these children and have claimed them as their own, through their actions and by gaining legal guardianship, providing a sense of stability and belonging.

The strong family atmosphere at this orphanage speaks volumes of the loving care given by the leaders and staff. Although the living conditions at the Grace Ashram Home are very basic, love and care are both abundant here. In addition to providing for the daily needs of the children, the Mathews and staff strive to help the children advance their education, become good citizens of India and develop a personal relationship with Christ.

The children are able to attend school near the home. The school is also run by the Mathews family and their doors are open to other children in the community. Along with traditional school lessons, over 100 children pray, sing, read the Bible, and learn Bible verses. They also participate in a weekly Kids' Club, Sunday school, and go on an annual retreat.