• Kids On Mission 2019-20

    Kids On Mission 2019-20

    new year kicks off during the Missions Event on Sunday, May 19

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  • Missions Weekend 2019

    Missions Weekend 2019

    May 18-19 • We are a Christ-center family on a mission to

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  • Missions Workshops

    Missions Workshops

    Four interesting workshops to get you ready for the Missions Event
    May 4, 11, 19

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  • Coin Drive for NewLife Ethiopia

    Coin Drive for NewLife Ethiopia

    May 4 - June 9

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  • Men's Weekly Golf Outing

    Men's Weekly Golf Outing

    Mondays at 3:00pm

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  • Milestone Weekend

    Milestone Weekend

    an all-church celebration on May 25-26

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  • KM2 Internship

    KM2 Internship

    students 17-21 years • June 24 - August 31

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  • Marriage Mentor Training

    Marriage Mentor Training

    8:30am-4:00pm on Saturday, June 1

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  • Marriage Workshops

    Marriage Workshops

    Saturday, June 2

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