• Pastoral Transition

    Pastoral Transition


After 28 years of dedication as the senior pastor at Lighthouse, Pastor Art is retiring. The Lighthouse Leadership Team invites you to celebrate Pastor Art and Naomi as they begin their next phase of adventures. Join us as we honor his years of service and ministry on Sunday, September 30, 2018. We will meet in the Sanctuary at 3:00pm for a program, followed by a western/Texas BBQ style dinner over in the Coffee Shop.

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Pastor Art shares his thoughts with us about the process

Pastor Art shares his thoughts with us about the process

Many of you have asked me some variation of the question, “How are you doing as you head toward retirement?” I’ve so appreciated your concern and love. My brothers and sisters here at Lighthouse have always been a great encouragement. So, let me give you all an update to this question.

First, I’m doing very well, thank you. But I’m definitely in process. God has been in this transition from the very beginning. I know it is His timing that we undergo a leadership change. Having said that, I have been the lead shepherd at Lighthouse for 28 years. I have been responsible for every aspect of ministry for all those years! Both my identity as a pastor and my chief responsibility as a pastor are about to end. So, I am often talking to the Lord and to people I trust about what’s going on inside me. I am preparing for the change both emotionally and spiritually. And that is going well!

Second, I’m so excited for our church. The more I interact with Pastor Brandon, the more confidence I have that he is God’s man  and will rise to the challenges ahead. We can trust him and trust his leadership. So the last months of my ministry are filled with an anticipation of good things to come!

Third, I’m not so much retiring as being reassigned. I see no  such thing as retiring from God’s service in the Scriptures! Naomi and I will be open to whatever God has for us in the days to come. I will continue to do spiritual direction and coaching for several  young pastors in the South Sound. I will serve God’s people here at Lighthouse. Naomi and I will find ways to love and serve others together. I challenge all my retiring friends to ask the Lord as I have, “Where are You reassigning me as I leave the workforce? How can I serve You in the days to come?”

Thanks for your love and kindness to me. Let’s ask the Lord to be in this transition together and to keep His hand on the church we love!

Blessings, Pastor Art

Founding and Senior Pastor Art Hunt, along with the Lighthouse Leadership Team made an important announcement during the January 27-28, 2018 weekend services at Lighthouse. Art announced his retirement, and he and a representative of the Leadership Team (LT) detailed a pastoral transition plan, recommending a candidate to succeed Art who is known and loved by the congregation, Pastor Brandon Sales.

If affirmed by our congregation at our Annual Meeting on February 26, Brandon will step into the role of Lead Pastor of Lighthouse Christian Center on October 1, 2018. Senior Pastor Art Hunt—who helped found the church in 1991—will release his position as Senior Pastor on October 1, 2018, and will continue coaching and mentoring Pastor Brandon until the end of 2018, at which point he’ll assume the title, “Pastor Emeritus”.
Should Brandon be affirmed, the transition to new pastoral leadership will take place gradually from February until the end of September. During this transition, Brandon would take steps of increased responsibility. Art would then transition off paid staff at the end of 2018.

“We’re recommending a respected young leader who embraces Lighthouse’s values and purpose,” Art says. “Brandon has a shepherd’s heart, strong passion for God and a great love for people. His character and godly wisdom are evident in ministry. I have every confidence that, if affirmed, God will empower him to mobilize Lighthouse in the years to come as we continue to accomplish our purpose of ‘more and better disciples’.”
Our candidate, Brandon Sales, has been married to Jennifer since 2011, and they have two children, Tirzah (4 years) and Asher (19 months). He graduated from Mount Si High School in Snoqualmie, WA. Upon graduation, Brandon attended and finished his undergraduate degree at Pacific Lutheran University. Before graduating, Brandon’s love for ministry began growing through his involvement with Ignite Campus Ministry at PLU. He was a part of the core leadership of Ignite Campus Ministry for three years, helping to oversee men’s discipleship and prayer ministry.

After graduation from PLU, Brandon immediately stepped into full-time ministry and, five years later in 2015, Lighthouse called Brandon as our Senior High Youth Pastor. Over the last three years, the Lighthouse congregation has watched Brandon grow and thrive in his pastoral calling as shepherd and leader to our High School students. Anyone who has spent time with Brandon knows that his greatest passion is to communicate and see the Church grow in their understanding of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and to be truly transformed into fully-devoted followers of Jesus.

In 2014, Brandon began his post-graduate degree in Biblical Theology at Western Seminary, and will graduate with his M.A. in May of 2018. Brandon is also licensed with the Christian & Missionary Alliance and is working toward ordination.

Brandon shines when he has an opportunity to teach the Word of God, lead others into ministry, and disciple others to encounter Jesus. If affirmed by our congregation, Brandon’s vision for the future of Lighthouse Christian Center is clear: “I want to see God’s glory magnified in the Puyallup Valley through transformed disciples of Jesus Christ who are learning more and more what it means to be a gospel presence in every sphere of their lives.”

So, the process has begun! Art has served as Lighthouse Christian Center’s founding and Senior Pastor since the church first opened its doors in a rented facility on South Hill in 1991. “During the fall of 2016, I felt God speaking to me about this,” Art says. “Then, early in 2017, I knew it was time. If Brandon is affirmed, I plan to do my very best to finish strong as I mentor him in his new role as lead pastor. I want to see Lighthouse flourish in the days to come. When this year is done, I want to be able to look back and know I’ve given God my very best and finished well.”

“It’s been a gift of God for me to help build this great church,” Art continues. “Shepherding Lighthouse has been a privilege in every sense of the word. I’ve partnered with so many great brothers and sisters over the years and truly feel that Lighthouse has been a collaborative venture for the glory of God!”

“My wife, Naomi, and I plan to remain part of the Lighthouse congregation. In the next few years, I plan to invest myself in ministry right here in the Lighthouse family in any way that God leads. I plan to use my gifts to serve the God I love, just as I’ve challenged each person in our church to use their gifts. Of course, I look forward to spending even more time with Naomi, our kids, and our grandkids—and I see a few adventures on the horizon as well. It’s my deepest desire to live every day of my one and only life for the glory of God.”