Welcome to worship.

Last weekend, I began a three-week series of messages entitled, “Finally Then. . .” Paul finishes several of his letters to God’s churches by saying, “Finally,” he then articulates a concept that he wants his listeners to keep in the forefront of their thinking. I thought it would be appropriate to leave you with three key concepts which Paul considered to be vital for God’s church.

We started last week with Ephesians 6. Paul uses his final words in Ephesians to help the church understand their spiritual enemy and how to defeat Satan’s schemes by drawing near to God.

This weekend, we will study another of these “finally” passages: 1 Peter 3, starting at verse 8. However, I have a confession to make. This particular “finally” is not a conclusion to Peter’s letter as a whole. It’s his conclusion to a series of exhortations within the letter. These exhortations have to do with how to treat the people in our lives. Turns out that the virtues needed to live in any community are virtually the same, whether a marriage, a small group, or a church family. Peter enumerates these virtues for us and reminds us how to live together in a hostile world.

As I studied this passage, the Holy Spirit helped me to see—considering the transition we are in as a church—how crucial Paul’s words are to the Lighthouse family. Many in our culture are expressing hostility towards faith. Living in a supportive spiritual community and a healthy church family is foundational for our own well-being, but also as a foundation to reach out with love to a culture without Christ. My hope again this week is that God continues to help us see how to make our church family strong so that we transition well in the days to come.

Blessings to you all!

Pastor Art