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Finally, then...

Pastor Art preaches his last four sermons as lead pastor of Lighthouse Christian Center during the month of September. Plan to be here!

For the weekends of September 8/9, 15/16, and 22/23, Pastor Art presents a series entitled “Finally, then. . .” Each of the messages are taken from the closing section of a Pauline epistle. In each case, having written a nuanced letter of encouragement, Paul finishes by leaving his readers one final thing to think about, starting with “finally.”

On September 30, for his final message as lead pastor, Pastor Art  plans to preach a sermon entitled “God’s Best in the Midst of Change.” It’s about Elisha picking up Elijah’s mantle and beginning his ministry as a prophet of Israel. No, Pastor Art knows he is not Elijah, and Brandon would say he is not Elisha! But there are definite truths from this story that will encourage us all in the transition ahead.