Pastor Emeritus: A title bestowed on Pastor Art by the Leadership Team for his distinguished service as the Founding and Senior Pastor of Lighthouse for 28 years (retired in September of 2018). As Pastor Emeritus, Art remains on staff at Lighthouse as a counseling and teaching pastor.

Passionate, gifted communicator, God-centered, fun, and expressive. As normal as your next-door neighbor…assuming that’s a good thing!

Art is the first to admit that Lighthouse is, and always has been, a team effort. His leadership has been key, however, in taking the church from a group of 30 with 1 staff member to a growing church of 1400 with 27 staff members. These days, having retired as the senior pastor, Art focuses on counseling and teaching as well as offering encouragement and support to his fellow pastors on staff at Lighthouse.

Art has written three books, all published by Multnomah Press: Praying With the One You Love; Weekend With the One You Love, and Quiet Times With the One You Love. Notice any themes here? Art has also contributed to several magazines, his most recent article appearing in PRAY magazine.

Art received his Bachelors (B.A.) from the University of Washington, his Masters (M.A.) from Western Evangelical Seminary in Portland, and his Doctorate from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School in Illinois.

Art and his lovely wife, Naomi, love to play bridge - the card game, not some weird form of bungee jumping. They have been taking ballroom dancing lessons since 2006. They also both love to read.

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