You are invited to join the Lighthouse Leadership Team, staff and members for our Annual Meeting at 7:00pm on Monday, February 24. You will hear about how God has moved in and through Lighthouse over the past year and get an idea of the vision for the coming year. Members are expected to participate but everyone is welcome to attend. Childcare is available for 0-5 years with preregistration.

Monday, February 24, 2020
7:00pm-9:00pm in the Sanctuary
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View our pdf2019 Annual Report

From Pastor Brandon...
Each year, at the end of February, LCC invites all members and congregants to spend an evening both reviewing the past year and looking forward to the future. With a heart of worship and thankfulness to God, we celebrate all that God is doing amongst us. Along with worship and telling stories, we also spend part of the evening updating our church family on current logistics. Before attending our meeting, prepare yourself to engage and participate in the night by clicking and reading through the different elements of this year's gathering.

Ministry Testimony Updates

This year, instead of our leaders updating you with numbers and figures about their ministries, we have put together a number of ministry testimony videos that will be shown at the annual meeting. Now, don’t worry. All of our numbers and figures can be found in the annual report, but our goal is to give you more than numbers. We want to share stories of how lives have been changed by God’s work in our church. We will also spend ample time at this meeting worshipping and thanking God for His great work.
pdfClick here to see our 2019 Annual Report.

Vote of Re-Affirmation

Each member of our Leadership Team (LT) is able to serve three two-year terms. A vote of re-affirmation by LCC members must be passed before each two-year term. This year, Dennis and Pat Elonka require a re-affirmation vote. We ask that those members who will be participating in the vote do so with prayerful discernment. Before the meeting, take the time to read over the Elonkas' bio below. Ask God to reveal any praises and concerns you may have regarding the Elonkas' leadership.

If any concerns come up regarding the vote of re-affirmation, the LT asks that you bring your concerns to Pastor Brandon or any of the LT members before the meeting. We desire for voices to be heard and dialogue to be had.

Dennis & Pat Elonka
Dennis and Pat Elonka have been an active part of Lighthouse from its beginning. Their love for God and for people comes through strongly in everything they do. They use their time, treasure and talent to serve God and build His church. Many have appreciated their wisdom and godliness over the years.
They have been such a great part of the LCC family.
The Elonkas have served in a variety of ways over the years. They have led home groups together. Pat has been involved as one of the lead mentor moms for MOPS. Dennis headed up our “Building Connections” team that helped plan our giving campaign for our second building. Dennis also co-chaired the original "Time to Build" committee with Pastor Art. Currently, they are both are a part of our Freezing Nights ministry. Pat also serves as LCC's treasurer and oversees our counting teams. Finally, the Elonkas have served on the LT for 16 of the 31 years Lighthouse has existed as a church.
Not long ago, Dennis retired from Group Health where he had worked as an ENT physician for many years. He now works as a consultant for Kaiser. Dennis and Pat have been married for 45 years. They have one married son who has blessed them with two delightful grandsons!

Financial Report

Every year our Leadership Team presents a clear financial report to our church body. This report covers a number of topics including details of how we spent our resources in the past year, updates on the mortgage and bank accounts, statistics on giving, and many other things. We are intentionally transparent with how we use the resources given by the congregation. Take a moment to look over our financial report before coming to the annual meeting.
pdfClick here to see our Financial Report.

2020 Prayer Focuses

Each year, the Leadership Team prayerfully considers a number of areas on which to focus our prayers as a church body throughout the entire year. At the end of our annual meeting, we will talk through those different focuses and corporately dedicate each area to God in prayer before leaving.

Please send questions BEFORE the meeting.

At the meeting, there will be time for questions and answers. As you prayerfully consider asking a question at the annual meeting about where we are as a church, the LT recommends sending any questions to them prior to that meeting. The LT wants to be able to give the clearest answers possible to our congregation. Having the questions ahead of time greatly helps. Unique questions that are brought up on the spot may not be able to be answered as thoroughly as desired. So, again, please consider the following ways to send us your questions ahead of time:
   • Email any questions to the Leadership Team (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)
   • Call the LCC office to request a meeting with an LT member
   • Fill out a Welcome Card (in the back of seats in the sanctuary) with your question and drop it in an offering box or leave in the LCC office.

Pastor Brandon and the LT will do their best to answer any questions as soon as possible.