The LCC Leadership Team has four positions coming open in February 2021. These positions may be filled by married couples or by individuals. We are asking LCC members, staff, and Leadership Team to be in prayer about who should fill these important seats.

If you are an LCC member and would like to make a recommendation to the Leadership Team Nominating Committee, please go through the following steps:
1. Read through the list of must-have qualities below to evaluate your recommendation.
2. Pray about your recommendation for a week.
3. Talk with the potential candidate(s) and affirm that they are open to serving on the LCC Leadership Team and are ok with being recommended by you.
4. Fill out the online form (click here) with your recommendation.

Qualifications of a potential LCC Leadership Team member

The men and women who serve on the Leadership Team at Lighthouse Christian Center are mature believers that are characterized as servant leaders.

The LCC Constitution defines the qualifications as:
Any potential LT member must be a church member who is currently fulfilling the responsibilities of church membership. In addition, they must have been actively involved in ministry within the church body during the past year before being considered for leadership. Election to the LT is recognition of a person who is currently demonstrating such servant leadership. The general qualifications for members of the LT are found in 1 Timothy 3:1-13. Both Elders and Leaders shall be men and women who demonstrate the character qualities, spiritual wisdom, and gifting of leaders.

Timeframe for recommending and electing new LT members

In the year before a vacancy is to occur, the LT will receive recommendations from LCC members from June 1 to September 1. They will also seek recommendations from staff and other leaders. Both single and married members of Lighthouse may be considered for the LT. Because of the advantages of having both husband and wife serving together on the LT, if a recommended person is married, the Nominating Committee shall strive to also nominate their marriage partner, though individual married men or women may still be nominated.

Below is the process for affirming new LT members:
1.  Recommendations are received from LCC members, staff, and LT.
2.  Packets are sent to nominees to fill out their own info and theological standings.
3.  Nominees who meet the requirements (not divorced, currently serving in ministry, gives tithes, not a recent convert) are interviewed in person by the LT.
4.  After interviews and prayerful discernment, the Leadership Team will send selected nominees to be voted upon at the Annual Meeting by the LCC membership.
5.  Nominees are affirmed at the Annual Meeting in February.

Must-have qualities of the individual and/or married couple you recommend

Your recommendation must:
• Seek to maintain a close, intimate walk with the Lord by regularly spending time alone with Him in His Word and in prayer.
• Be a diligent student of God’s Word and endeavor to walk in the Spirit.
• Pray regularly for those who serve as LT members, for the pastoral staff and the ministries of the church.
• Faithfully give the first fruits of income (a tithe) to the work of the Lord through Lighthouse Christian Center.
• Faithfully attend all meetings of the LT unless hindered from doing so by a compelling reason, such as illness or necessary travel.
• Prepare for each LT meeting by doing any necessary preparation such as reading or thinking through an issue, and by submitting anew and afresh to the Holy Spirit.
• By the power of the Holy Spirit, refrain from expressing negative attitudes through criticism and complaint. Instead, be positive and encouraging, endeavoring to maintain the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace.
• Keep sensitive issues and decisions confidential.
• Maintain an open and teachable attitude.

Time commitment of an LT member

Leadership Team members are asked to commit to attending at least two Saturday mornings (9:00am-12:00pm) each month, being a part of special meetings a couple of times a year, and participate in ongoing email engagements. An LT member may serve for a period of up to six years.